Progress Update 1

Project Progress
Script Progress (Draft 1)

The first draft of a script is almost done for an audio drama we are currently naming “The Guardian Tree”! We’ll be spending the rest of the school year polishing it up, with the hopes to record the drama next year.

I’m really excited for the characters and story that are coming out of this project, and can’t wait to move on to bringing to life. But somethings take time to do well, so I must wait. 😛 – Trie

Here’s a small snippet of what we have so far:

Did you just say something positive?

No, I’m saying that Arrol lied to the vender to get a better deal.      

IZARA (to Arrol)  
Wait— you lied?

Hey, you do what you have to. But come on, I wanna show you the rest of the town. Trowan will be back soon so we might as well enjoy our freedom while we have it.

-From The Guardian Tree: Scene 8