How to Create Story Ideas

You need an idea. Maybe it’s for a novel, maybe it’s for a short story, or maybe even a play. But you just can’t think of anything. Here’s something to try.

Sit down somewhere and look around you. See what catches your eye, and then brainstorm how that object could spark a story. If nothing stands out, then look for something ordinary, or broken, or something alone. Think about what stories that object could tell. Especially look for conflict.

For example, maybe there’s an old tree that’s bent and twisted. It’s probably weathered a lot of storms. Perhaps you could write about one particular storm that was really bad. ect.

If you can’t find inspiration inside your house, go outside, if you can’t find anything there, go for a walk or a hike. If you need to, bring a notebook to write in or sketch the object in.

The object doesn’t need to be in the story, but maybe it’ll give you some ideas that you can start to work with. 

Have fun!