The Guardian Tree – Auditions

UPDATE: Auditions are officially closed for most characters, however, Auditions for Felan, The Father, and both Brothers are open.

Interested in gaining acting experience and having a lot of fun being part of bringing an audio drama to life? Then here’s your chance. Auditions are open for the recording session over the school year of 2022-23.

The audio drama that is being recorded is currently titled The Guardian Tree. Here’s the basic plot: Arovae is under attack by the hostile and powerful Cacumen. Two sisters believe that a special tree might have been protecting their village, but it’s now dead. They go looking for a new seed to save their home and family, meeting up with several interesting characters along the way. Will they be able to overcome the odds and make it home safely with the seed that can save their home?

Here’s how recording will work. Every week we’ll meet up in a zoom call with all the actors. The plan is to currently aim for Monday afternoons. Each person will have their own recording set up (it can be as simple as a phone using voice memos, or more complicated with a nicer mic and computer.) Then we’ll go through a scene together several times to get the best take.

Interested yet? Want to audition? The auditions will be self-tapes and open during the entire summer (deadline is August 20). You can audition for up to three characters. On this page is a document with the script samples for each character + character descriptions. When you’ve recorded yourself reading the audition scripts for your character(s), fill out the form below and sent the recordings in. Please just record your voice, a default phone app or a free recording software like Audacity are good. The files can either be emailed to [email protected] or placed in this google drive.


Make sure that your files are name this way: Yourname_Character_MM-DD-YY and that you include the form.
Please also make sure that your files are in the mp3 format.

Audition Scripts and Character Descriptions:

The Audition Form: